Iron Foot Studios: one year in!

Iron Foot Logo

One Year Later

Cory’s Perspective:

We’re one year into this thing called Iron Foot Studios, and it’s a great time to take a look back and see how far we’ve come!

Our development of Fallen Earth has had its obstacles, but time and again we have risen to the challenge. Be it Matt’s razor sharp troubleshooting skills, Marie’s design intuition, or my ability to improvise and implement on the fly, we are nothing if not resourceful. We must also give a massive shout out to Ryan for his art and graphic design skills!

We also released our own game to the iOS platform. Wingsuit Cute, a game where dogs can fly around collecting snackies. There is no doubt that it was an enormous team effort. Teaming up with internet personality Chubbs the Pug, we came up with a whacky and fun game that was both cute and engaging. Being such a far cry from our previous work, we showed that we can create something unique that fans enjoy. Wingsuit Cute was well received by Chubb’s fans, receiving a 5 star rating on the app store.

We are always looking out for new opportunities and are currently excited about some pending partnerships that we have in the works. I feel very fortunate to have my Iron Foot family, and I am eager to see what this next year is to bring! To 2015, and beyond!

Marie’s Perspective:

I suggested to Cory that we do a “first year retrospective” then immediately realized I had no idea what to say. It’s been a weird year with the expected ups and downs that come from starting your own thing. It’s always scary, feeling like you’re out on your one and responsible for your own success, but it’s a good kind of scary and at the end of the first year, I feel like we’ve come out better than we started.

In the past year we celebrated four years of Fallen Earth, something we couldn’t have done without the amazing contributions of more people than I have space to mention, launched our first mobile game, formed new partnerships and learned more than I ever thought possible along the way.

In our second year we’re looking to grow a bit, make some new friends and try some things we might not have been ready for earlier.

I want to say a very special thanks to Kristen and Chubbs, their continued support of Wingsuit Cute has been amazing.   Also thanks to our amazing lawyer Mike McMullan who has helped us in all things legal and the patient Richard Debutts, accountant and all-around wonderful human being.


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